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An open toolbox for transcription and translation
Reducing cost and complexity for broadcasters

EuroVOX is a collaboration between the EBU and its members, creating an open toolbox for transcription and translation technologies.

Being able to dynamically access different vendors, platforms and engines, gives you the ability to select the right tool for the right task. Having flexibility means you have access to the best results while minimizing complexity and development costs.

EuroVOX currently supports the main commercial cloud vendors, as well as the opensource Marian translation engine. This gives access to at least 65 different languages and dialects for transcription and almost 20000 different language pairs for translation. It is also extensible and flexible meaning you can easily add new vendors and your own technologies.

It consists of two main products:

  • EuroVOX Core. An API to allow direct integration within existing tools and workflows for both file-based and streaming content
  • EuroVOX Tool. A web-based tool for user navigation, transcription and translation of content. This initially targets file-based content, but with ability to handle live content currently under development.

We also have in-development tools to assist with live subtitling, either in original language or translated.

Overview architecture

Why EuroVOX?

More and more, broadcasters make use of language tools from different vendors to fulfil different use cases: e.g. news monitoring, social media publishing, web transcripts, subtitling. Some tools might have better support for a particular set of languages, or others for a particular domain of content. AThe quality and performance of these machine-learning-based tools will vary over time as models are updated and refined.

Time and resource must be spent on integrating each vendor into your existing production workflow. This leads to added costs over and above the usage fees for the tool itself as this must be redone each time a new, more capable vendor, is required.

EuroVOX is available right now to address these challenges. It gives you the ability to have single API access to multiple language tools from multiple vendors and dynamically select between them, depending on the task at hand. It provides a fully functional abstraction layer between you and the vendor implementation.

The advantage of implementing EuroVOX on your own infrastructure, is that it gives you freedom to easily change vendors at a later stage. For example, if your organization decides to start producing content in a new language that requires a new vendor, you can change or add providers at the push of a button.

A one-time integration of EuroVOX gives you the flexibility you need in the long-term.

It supports a wide range of environments: cloud / on-premise / your own trained models.

The unified API allows for a level playing field between different vendors: large technology giants, emerging providers, local specialists and research institutes.

Designed for integration into your existing workflows for both file-based and streaming content.

What can it help you do?

  • Increase reach on social media by transcribing and translating short clips for republishing on social networks
  • Improve the quality of content recommendations through use of automated transcription
  • Searchability of archives can be improved through automated transcription
  • Creation of subtitles for file-based or live content, including in alternative languages, thus increasing reach and accessibility
  • Quickly collate and translate incoming news sources
  • Translate produced news into multiple languages, automatically
  • Revoicing of content in alternative languages or for improved accessibility using synthetic speakers
  • Broaden access to self-trained language models by integrating them with EuroVOX
  • Provides the capability of automatically selecting the language tool to use based on benchmarking data

How can I get started?

For now, EuroVOX is available only to EBU Members, however it will shortly be available as a public open-source project. It can be deployed using industry standard development tools.

To deploy the EuroVOX core API, both code and Docker images are available for use in your preferred cloud or entirely on-premise.

Adapters for several different language tool vendors are already available, meaning you only need add your credentials to start using them. Alternatively, writing adapters for additional vendors or your own technology is straightforward.

To learn more, get in touch with us